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WAYNE'S WORLD 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Blu-Ray Steelbook review

WAYNE'S WORLD 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Blu-Ray Steelbook is available to purchase from retailers everywhere.

Ahh the 90's. Back when the studios still made big budget films in the comedy genre. And they were funny! Sadly that genre is near extinct and the only laughs to be found now are nestled within the action packed Marvel films. The genre of comedy has slowly dissipated to near extinction due to the sensitivity of our culture in the U.S. Most studios are too afraid to take risks anymore at the cost of offending some person, group or ideology.

It makes the comedies of the past even funnier and more edgy than they once were. Anytime I watch a film released before the 2010's I almost always come across a scene or plot point that would never fly today and would suffer the dreaded scolding of cancel culture. While 1992's WAYNE'S WORLD may not seem like the obvious film to fall in that category, it features a couple scenes that I could see being perceived as problematic today. For me those scenes make the film even more special, like a time capsule revealing the comedic milieu of the time.

Paramount has released a sleek new Steelbook blu-ray in honor of it's 30th anniversary. Based on the popular Saturday Night Live sketch, WAYNE'S WORLD features Mike Myers and Dana Carvey at their character working and comedic best playing quasi-stoner rocker types that host their own local public access TV show.

Myers and Carvey's chemistry is one for the ages in this and their character work is a joy to behold. The film itself is wonderfully self-referential, with both characters talking to the camera at various points and acknowledging their existence in the film. One of my favorite scenes is when both characters vow they will never "sell out" all while holding up various product placement items like Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut and Reebok shoes.

Ok, so besides the humor to be found in the Marvel films there is a new JACKASS film coming out that I know will deliver some serious belly laughs. Kudos to Paramount for keeping comedy alive in a much too sullen world! I hope Paramount releases another steelbook for WAYNE'S WORLD 2 next year when it turns 30 as well.


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