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AN EXCERPT FROM ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD: THE NOVEL (Page 28 hardcover, Page 33 paperback

by Quentin Tarantino


"...Cliff didn’t know enough to write critical pieces for Films in Review, but he knew enough to know Hiroshima Mon Amour was a piece of crap. He knew enough to know Antonioni was a fraud. He also liked looking at events from different perspectives. Ballad of a Soldier gave him a respect for his Soviet allies that he never had before. Kanal taught him maybe his wartime experience, compared to some, wasn’t so bad. Bernhard Wicki’s The Bridge made him do something he would have thought was impossible: cry for Germans. He usually didn’t share these Sunday afternoons with anybody (Sunday afternoon was his foreign film day). Nobody else in his circle was interested (it was almost comical how little the stunt community cared about film itself). But Cliff even liked going to these movies by himself.    "

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