To 30-plus year NYC film and commercial vet, Films In Review is more than an online magazine, it's a cause. Established when motion pictures were still silent and finding their voice in every way, FIR was established to be a voice of conscience against censorship. 

An accomplished producer and director,  expert in special effects animation  and sought-after consultant by production companies and television and projection manufacturers for his expertise in 3D production, David is well-suited to his role as FIR's resident special effects and 3D expert.

David's work has graced theatrical and TV motion pictures, television programs and hundreds of national television commercials. His cinematic love is to be found in the style and elegance of the classic motion pictures of the 1940's Hollywood studios and any project that attempts to rise to that standard.

As Producer, Director and purveyor of David Rosler Motion Picture Studios,  as well as a skilled writer and reviewer, David will be bringing a new genre of motion picture to the screen, and FIR is both pleased and proud to have David as its Managing Editor.

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As Films In Review’s most visible critic and an esteemed member of the highly prestigious Las Vegas Film Critics Society, a short-list of the best of the best from that state, Victoria Alexander was one of the first critics to join the highly influential Rotten Tomatoes website where she remains a sought-after critic of motion pictures of all genres and retains a large following of readers.  Victoria's film reviews are, by intention, controversial and provocative.


Victoria’s other passion is traveling, preferably to exotic locations on the verge of a coup d' état. So far, Victoria has been to 76 countries and currently favors Tibet, Burma and Mongolia. Victoria travels primarily to participate in the tribal ritual and religious ceremonies and is following a spiritist religion, Umbanda, in Brazil. With extensive experience in ayahuasca in Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil, Victoria has participated in healing modalities around the world. Victoria became a Sufi under Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan at age 17 and studied with Reverend June K. Burke, Kundalini Yoga master and her teacher Julian, a Seraph of the order of Seraphim. Victoria has extensive experience with ayahuasca in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. Victoria first experienced ayahuasca in 2000. For the past few years, Victoria has studied Spiritism, attending Santo Daime and Aty Guarani ceremonies in Brazil.


Besides motion pictures and traveling, Victoria’s third focus is as the representative for Ayahuasquero Don Ron Wheelock and EL PURGUERO, his Ayahuasca Retreat & Healing Center in Iquitos, Peru. She counsels pre-ayahuasca and post-ayahuasca users. Victoria has a unique understanding of what has been called The Hidden Reality.

Victoria lives with her husband John in Las Vegas. She studies French with an advanced tutor and studies and plays Duplicate Bridge. She is also a materialistic ascetic. 


Victoria can be emailed at  Las Vegas Film Critics Society link



Now an esteemed film history lecturer the well-known Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, Long Island, Glenn Andreiev spent his teenage years haunting New York City movie revival houses, catching hard to find films on the big screen. This sparked his film-making interest, where he made Super 8mm films which years later led to producing and directing independent features, A family of creative over-achievers, Glen's sister was the popular punk star Wendy Wild and his father, Alexis Andreiev, designed major portions of the Lunar Module for NASA during the Apollo Years.


After attaining degrees at the Suffolk Community College (Journalism), and the School of Visual Arts (motion picture production), Glenn worked in various aspects of film production. “I did everything from editing, sound recording, props, special effects. You name it. I even tried my hand at some acting,” Mr. Andreiev confesses. In 1988 he lensed his first feature film, "Angela" (renamed Vampire’s Embrace by the distributor), based on a Hindu vampire legend. 



Since then, Glenn has made eight more feature films. His documentary, Film Making for $20 A Day (or how to make a feature film for less than pennies) has become a tonic for film students. He has written all his own screenplays as well as produced screenplays for hire. Additionally, for the past several years, he has written film reviews and celebrity interviews for The World of Fandom, a multimedia magazine as well as Films In Review. 

Most recently, Glenn's documentary about film preservation, "Lost Emulsion", is already proving to be a must-have for film aficionados.

Personally, Glenn is hiding from fans in Long Island, with his cat Boris and his vast collection of hard-to-find DVDs and Blue-rays. His fascination with artistically-inclined cinema and otherwise unloved, eclectic tourist attractions knows no bounds.


You can reach Glen at