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DVD Review by John Francis Larkin Sr.

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Faith and hope are valuable qualities for anyone to possess. And for those who wonder why so much attention is given to athletics, even if they've never competed would do well to check out NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

One of life's constants is time - tempus fugit. Time does indeed fly for main character Scott Becks (A.R. White), a 39 year old high janitor working at the same high school he attended two decades earlier. As a high school senior Scott was the best basketball player around, a superstar destined for the NBA Draft. Inexplicably no NBA team ends up showing interest in Scott, driving him - in shock and frustration - to walk away from the sport completely. To make matters even worse Ryan's high school sweetheart breaks up with him.

Cut to present day as Scott scuttles around the High School opening lockers for forgetful students, sweeping the halls and serving as an assistant Basketball coach to his oldest friend who encourages Scott to keep his dream alive and serves as a positive influence to Scott.

When Scott's former high school sweetheart Ryan inherits a local NBA Team, The Knoxville Silver Knights, Scott sees it as a double opportunity to finally achieve his dream of playing in the NBA and get back the girl of his dreams at the same time. Scott's pursuit of NBA stardom at such a ripe age draws significant attention and a following of fans all rooting for his success. As a former Girls high school basketball coach I've always relied on my faith to give me the strength to get me and my team through our toughest times and I find that no matter what your religion is, believing in yourself and unrelenting persistence is a universal idea that anyone would do well to follow to achieve success in any endeavor.

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE charms from beginning to end and tells a meaningful story that instills faith and hope in the viewer and lands a surprise climactic finale that reminds us that life is full of surprises and we should keep our faith alive in order to achieve our best life.


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